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TickStat helps research center and universities to carry out their experiments. We have developed a solution to easily run and analyze discrete choice experiments (choice analysis), other advanced suveys and experiments in game theory.

The tool has been built from the needs of researchers and has been used right now from different research centers and universities (CSIC, INIA, Cádiz University, Vigo University, Granada University, Zaragoza University, Complutense University, Innsbruck University, Sheffield University ...)

What we offer you

Discrete choice

One of the most popular techniques in market research, transportation or environmental economics.

Simple, multiple, continuous

Our system manages simple choice sets (contingent valuation), multiple choice sets and continuous choice sets.

Market simulator

Compare different products (treatments) using our cloud based simulator.

Virtual Reality

We introduce the user in a virtual reality environment and he will make the survey inside this built virtual reality.

Experiments in game theory

Execute your experiments in game theory through the tickstat platform. We will look for the users you need to carry out the experiments as well as introduce it in the TickStat platform.

How it works



Easily upload your own design, or let TickStat prepare a basic experimental design for you.



Distribute your surveys via e-mail, your web page, a tablet or using a QR on a phone.



TickStat runs basic discrete choice models and lets you download your data, already effect coded, to continue your analysis.

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